This section isn't covering the installation of iTunes, visit here on how to do that. This section is the how-to on changing the icons from what is bundled with iTunes 10.

Required Downloads


Download the files above. The icons are already bundled within the RAR and named to their relative name in the iTunes 10 exe.


  • Step 1: Backup
  • Backup a copy of your iTunes 10 exe inside your iTunes directory. Also close iTunes if it is open.

  • Step 2: ResHack
  • This is a standalone application, no need to install. Just run the app and follow the steps. Open ResHack and click "File > Open" and locate the iTunes.exe for your iTunes 10 installation. (Most likely C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe).

  • Step 3: Start
  • This is a timely process to replace all the icons, but if you want to replace ONLY the task-bar tray icon and the Start Menu icon, replace only 128 and 153.

  • Step 4: How to replace...
  • Following the other steps above, on the left pane you will see a list. In the lists, look for "Icon Group". Open the dropdown menus for both 128 and 153 (do this for all the icons, if you want to replace them all). Click the number, not the folder. Right click and select "Replace resource", then "Open file with new icon..." Locate to where you saved the icons, select the relative number, 128 for 128 etc. Select it and press "Open", then press Replace. Do the same for 153 (and the rest if you wish). Once done, click File > Save. You can close ResHacker now. Then open iTunes.

  • Step 5: Start Menu
  • If you notice the icon on the start menu not updating, delete your current iTunes shortcuts and recreate them.

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