Known Issues

If you happen to come across any new problems, or any that you are facing, email me explaining it in detail and how to replicate the problem, send screenshots too if required.

  • Low: iTunes will, on every boot, error about being incorrectly installed. I have posted a fix on the installation page.
  • Low: This is a small issue, but it is annoying. The iTunes UI is still greyed out. Unlike Mac OS X, there isn't a known fix to this as far as I know. I've tried my own personal hacking of the iTunes.exe, and I am able to replace the iTunes icons and MIME type icons in iTunes 9, from that of 10.1. But the UI images, while being in colour, still display grey when iTunes opens.

  • High: I never had this problem before, but since installing again for the purpose of this tutorial, I have had the issue where my iPod wouldn't show inside iTunes - but it WOULD inside My Computer/Device Manager. How to fix:
    • Go to "Device Manager". "Start > (Right click) My Computer > Properties > Hardware (tab) > Device Manager".
    • Under "Image Devices" you will see your iDevice. Right click the option and select Update driver...
    • In the wizard, select "Install from a specific disk or location..."
    • Then select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install
    • In the list you will see a few options, select the one at the bottom with a yellow exclamation mark - it will say "This driver is not signed". Select it and press next.
    • Your iPod should now show inside iTunes.
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