If you've came to this page by accident, if you are interested in installing iTunes on x64 XP, visit this page to learn how to do that. This page is for those who have already followed that guide, and are looking to upgrade their current version of iTunes to the latest version.


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Required Downloads


  • Step 1: Download iTunes x64
  • As shown in the video, you need to visit the iTunes page on Apple's website. I won't direct link to the page shown in the video because that could be outdated (as of posting this). Click "Download iTunes". Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure you click the "64-bit installer" link (this is, by Apple's rules, only for Windows Vista and Windows 7, but we're going to edit this later). Download the x64 installer.

  • Step 2: Install ORCA & 7Zip
  • Download the ORCA .MSI (hosted at JavaKrypt) and the 7Zip .EXE installer (hosted at Sourceforge) and then proceed to install them. Once you've installed them proceed. You can uninstall these once you've finished, but remember you will need these with every iTunes update.

  • Step 3: Extract iTunes
  • We're now going to extract iTunes. Right click on the iTunes64Setup.exe and select 7Zip > Open Archive. Click Extract. In the window popup enter the path you want to extract it to. I suggest you extract it to a sub folder, so it is in one place and cleaner. Continue once it has extracted.

  • Step 4: Edit with ORCA
  • Locate AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi. Right click and edit with ORCA. Once it opens, locate in the sidebar LaunchCondition. On all the entries inside only that menu, wherever you see "600", replace that with "501" (minus quotes) and save the application. Close ORCA and repeat this for iTunes64.msi.

  • Step 5: Install iTunes
  • Inside the same folder, open and run iTunes64.msi. Wait until the installation completes and your iTunes version will be updated. You can verify this each time by going to Help > About iTunes.

  • Final notes
  • Everytime Apple releases an iTunes update you need to follow these steps again. Editing the 2 files, and running the iTunes64.msi installer. Everything else is updated like normal, we're just removing the restrictions. Remember that iTunes on x64 XP is natively supported, it just isn't supported by Apple officially. Bare in mind you will also have to change iTunes.exe using ResHacker, learn how to that here if you still want the icons changing. mmKeys.dll (and others) are unaffected by updates.

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