Recommended Applications

Click the name of the file for the download link. If you have any recommendations: email me.

  • Perian: This has a HUGE collection of codecs for QuickTime, this is installed into the Snow Leopard ISO we are using, it needs updating though.
  • Flip4Mac: Plugins that allow you to watch WMV movies inside QuickTime without using the Flip4Mac player itself.
  • Shades: Allows lowering and increasing of the screen. I advise you change the settings to show no dialogs, and to use Command (Ctrl) and F5 and F6 to decrease and increase brightness.
  • CleanMyMac: Paid application, but you NEED this on your Mac. It will save you a lot of time and space.
  • MacPilot: Another paid app, another must have application.
  • Coda: One for the developers, a good text editor.
  • CSSEdit: Another one for the developers, good CSS Editor.
  • Adium: A good IM client. Many protocols are supported, wide range of plugins and tweaks, free too.
  • AppZapper: If you've ever deleted a program, you will know it doesn't remove all the files associated with it - only the .app file. This does that.
  • Cyberduck: A free FTP/SSH/FSTP client.
  • OnyX: A tweaker program for MacOS.
  • UnRARX: Allows you to extract RAR files.
  • The Unarchiver: Extracts better in my opinion that Extract Utility.
  • iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
  • CandyBar: Change the way MacOS X Snow Leopard (and Leopard) look by changing icons through icon packs.
  • XCode 3.2.2: XCode with iPhone SDK 3.2.
  • CrossOver: Emulate Windows programs within Mac OS X.

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