Known Issues

If you happen to come across any new problems, or any that you are facing, email me explaining it in detail and how to replicate the problem. I may create a FAQ section.

  • Leopard & Snow Leopard: Texas Instruments SD/Pro Card Bus (PCIxx12 / 104c:403b) doesn't work. This won't ever work, so get rid of the idea of having this. There is no driver in existence (though it's attempted and tested, so far unsuccessful).
  • Snow Leopard: Issues with sound crackling/lagging is caused by 2 files created by MacOSX. All you need to do is delete these. Go to /$Macintosh/Library/Preferences/Audio/ - inside will be two plist files, delete both and reboot. The way this is triggered is through putting your Hackintosh to sleep and waking it up. To restore it, delete the two files and reboot. I don't feel like finding the cause.
  • Leopard & Snow Leopard: FFScroll gives an error after installation. - This is covered as a "fix" in both of the installation pages.
  • Leopard & Snow Leopard: FFScrollDaemon pops up after logging in. - This is the "fix", inside, go to Preferences > Shell > When the shell exists: Pick an option [other than "Don't close the window"] - this is universale for all future Termial windows, so bare this is mind. I set mine to "Close if the shell exists cleanly".
  • Snow Leopard: Updating to 10.6.3/4 causes quite a load of issues. Don't upgrade, yet. To stop the 10.6.3/4 update showing in Software Update edit the SystemVersion.plist file located at: /$Macintosh/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist. Changing ProductUserVisableVersion & ProductVersion from 10.6.2 to 10.6.3. Save, replace.
  • Snow Leopard: The microphone jack (on mine) recognises a microphone though no sound is inputting through it. With most I've been told it isn't working at all. I will try to find a fix, only if I come across it. It doesn't affect me much, I can use my USB webcam.

Currently building this list as I go along. home page.

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