This page will show you how to install Windows 7 onto a VGN-N11M/W. You need a USB stick that is at least 4GB in size and a current installation of Windows to create a bootable USB. While these drivers work for Windows 7, I can't be certain they will work for any other Windows OS (XP for example). The main conflict I would like to point out is the sound driver, using the driver I used for my XP installations in the past, it wasn't compatiable with Windows 7 100% - just bare this in mind before using these for XP.

Required Downloads


Windows XP and Windows Vista have different methods on setting up bootable USB's. XP requires a external program called MBRWizard because it lacks the ability to display Removable Storage making it impossible without MBRWizard to create a bootable USB. Vista has this ability inside, so it's fine.

USB Setup

To create a live USB, visit this website (saves me writing a guide) and follow the instructions. Here is a brief rundown of what it explains:

  1. Format USB to NTFS.
  2. Make USB drive "active" (so it is bootable).
  3. Make partition "active" (for Vista)
  4. Download Windows 7 and extract is using WinRAR
  5. Copy the boot files to the USB (which make it bootable)
  6. Copy the Windows 7 ISO files to the USB stick (using Explorer)
  7. Change BIOS to boot from external drive

Now with the USB in, and BIOS changed to allow booting from External Drives, just boot up the Windows 7 USB and follow the installation using x86 (32bit) version of Utlimate [that is linked in the downloads]. When installation is completed, download the drivers above, install them and enjoy.


These steps below are optional. You don't need to install the CD-DVD driver, but it is the current/stable released by Sony - it's there just in case you need it/have a outdated firmware/error burning DVD/CD disks. You just run the Flashing program, backup your old ROM first (it will save probably within that same folder) then select the bin file and wait for it to complete. When completed, reboot your laptop.

Codec / WMP

The codec pack is the codec pack released by Shark007. It's called "Windows 7 Codec pack" (has a Vista Codec pack which works well on XP too). Not needed, but I find it useful. You could always use VLC as a replacement - I just like to use Windows Media Player universally for all file types. You may need to configure some settings personally to make them work with certain files, you have to consult the Shark007 forums for support on that.

Brightness (FN)

Brightness Controls are the only problems you will face with your new installation of Windows 7. The FN (function) keys need to be operated by Sony specific drivers that aren't included, or installed automatically by the OS. Here is how to fix that:

  • Download Brightness Utilities. Inside you will find 3 seperate folders. Utils Installer 1 SonyUtils DLL, Utils Installer 2 Sony Shared Library and Utils Installer VAIO Event Service.
  • Install these in the order they are ordered in the above step.
  • When they've completed their install, reboot if any tell you to, and continue until you have installed all 3. When you've completed all three, test your FN+F5 and FN+F6 keys to test your brightness control.
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